International Council of Societies of Industrial Design

Inside Icsid - a quarterly review of Icsid Members' initiatives from around the world.....

Since I assumed office as Icsid President in 2011, the executive board members and I have been working diligently to identify opportunities to mobilise our membership base and build the bridge between your visions and aspirations and Icsid's international project portfolio.

Over time, the structure and focus of Icsid has become much more diverse, but we have made every effort, especially throughout the last decade, to introduce several programmes, including World Industrial Design Day, World Design Capital® and the World Design Impact Prize.
These projects allow us to create platforms for our members to engage in global communities that collaborate in developing and implementing key design initiatives.

Already, the board has met in Taipei (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei), Montreal (Canada), Seoul (South Korea), Istanbul (Turkey) and Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China). These meetings have allowed us to discuss ways to optimise member participation in all of our initiatives and ensure that our projects benefit each membership pillar in accomplishing their own goals and objectives. These board meetings have also given us the opportunity to connect with local and regional members and deepen our understanding of how we can empower the membership to collaborate with us in meeting Icsid's mission to create a world in which design enhances social, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life. We welcome you to contact the Secretariat should you be interested in hosting a Board meeting in 2013-2015.

For Icsid to remain relevant, our initiatives must understand the changes in the global economy, focus on future needs of industrial design and promote the impact of our profession on everyday life of citizens everywhere. This term has already seen many recommendations for improvements and it all starts with improving the dialogue with our members.

One of the ways that you can participate within your own organisation is to ensure that messages from Icsid are circulated through your networks. Forwarding these messages to relevant colleagues, students and/or professionals will ensure that you are part of an important global advocacy movement supporting the profession while also sharing important information and corresponding deadlines that will allow your community to better understand the value of Icsid.

Your active participation in Icsid projects and events can ensure that you are using the Icsid platform to benefit your global aspirations and together we can grow and advance the global understanding and appreciation for the profession of industrial design.

I hope you enjoy this first edition of Inside Icsid and I look forward to sharing your member news and accomplishments with the rest of the Icsid network in the next edition.

Prof. Soon-in Lee